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The Genuity Science Precision Heath Initiative is a long-term research endeavour, involving collaborations across hospitals, advocacy, academia and research centres, which aims to understand how genetics, environment, and lifestyle can help guide disease prevention and treatment. This initiative reimagines the future of healthcare with a greater focus on predicting, preventing and treating disease more precisely for better, healthier lives.

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Our Expertise and Facilities

Learn more about Genuity Science, our world-class team of scientists, and cutting-edge facilities at the forefront of the global push for genomic research breakthroughs.

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Research advancing medical breakthroughs

We are conducting research studies across the island of Ireland and beyond. The opportunities for genomics to transform healthcare are immense. We are only just beginning to scratch the surface of its potential. Watch this video to see why this research is so important to participants such as Dr. Rory Mooney.

Genuity's Rare Disease Research Program provides access to free whole genome sequencing to children with undiagnosed disorders and their families. Working with Children’s Health Ireland, we aim to identify the genetic cause of a child’s disorder. Watch this #ShowYourRare awareness campaign video to see how Genuity's team are dedicated to working with clinicians to help families find answers.

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